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Software tools are a vital part of the arsenal of every successful Amazon FBA seller, there isn’t any good reason to not invest in them. These tools perform our tasks faster and with a higher degree of effectively than manual methods. We aim to introduce you to AMZScout in this article. 

What is AMZScout?

AMZScout is a set of software tools that exists in two forms: As an extension for Chrome and an App for the web that assists sellers with the analysis of products and rapid discovery of niches.

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AMZScout Pricing 

AMZscout Web App offers three pricing options available as monthly subscriptions. Mutual disparity is seen in the products’ simultaneous tracking. The Basic plan goes for $29.99 and allows tracking of up to 20 products, the Start plan costs $39.99 and allows tracking of 40 products while the business plan is about $59.99 and gives you access to monitor 80 items at once. 

AMZScout Chrome extension has two types of subscription plans; The first plan goes for $44.99 and has to be renewed monthly but can be canceled at any time while the alternative is a $ 199-lifetime membership fee that you only have to pay once. There's a free trial that enables testing of various tools. 

AMZScout Web App Vs AMZScout Chrome Extension 

Both are similar to each other in terms of layout but vary apparently in functionality.

AMZScout Google Chrome Extension’s most unique trait is the sourcing of data from the Amazon page in use. This extension also provides a profit calculator. This can only be accessible from a desktop. 

Meanwhile, AMZScout Web App is a web-based app with functions from AMZScout’s official website. Its accessibility from any browser is the most unique feature. 

AMZScout Tools 

AMZScout tools are classified into two categories; free tools and paid tools. The first four tools listed in this review are free while the last five are paid tools. 

1. FBA Fees Calculator

AMZScout FBA calculator helps you forecast your profit by the use of an extensive algorithm. The Algorithm carries out calculations based on the product size or weight. It is accessible from both the web app and the AMZScout Chrome extension. Your profit is also evaluated based on the cost of the product, extra charges and amount expected to disburse. 

2. Amazon to eBay Comparator

FBA traders find this tool particularly useful. Traders check for subsidized prices on eBay. Your costs could be significantly reduced. It is undoubtedly its biggest advantage.

3. Stock Stats

Stock stats is an amazing way of being mindful of competition and remaining ahead. This software enables watching your competitor’s inventory level, also their sales dynamics. 

4. Sales Estimator

Sales Estimator helps to predict the precise measure of sales per month in a category. These categories (fashion, home improvement, gadgets, etc) contain all products organized for several reasons. Simply input the sales position of choice for display of immediate result.

5. Product Database

Product Database is vital for product researching. This aids the discovery of product ideas, and competition monitoring. This software allows you to scan different product collections with about 44 effective filters to use.

Product’s price and other product-related data can be tracked using this tool. 

6. AMZScout Google Chrome Extension PRO

The risks of Amazon FBA trading is significantly reduced by using this product. AMZScout Pro is useful in searching for products to sell for a good profit, identify budding trends and verify niches. 

7. AMZScout Keyword Tracker

This tool gives you key insight on how the marketing strategies of your keywords affect the position of your product listing. AMZScout Keyword Tracker also shows you the changes in the position of a product with time. 

8. Keyword Explorer

This feature improves your product pages by helping you find products with few competitors and high demand, and result? High positions in vital market sectors, better brand exposure, and more sales. 

9. Listing Wizard

This tool has the power to push a small-income business to become a high-income one with the aid if accurate Amazon listings that suggest relevant keywords that are usable in titles and product info. For high-earning sellers, Listing Wizard can automate list optimization and track your daily efforts. 

The makers of AMZScout really accomplished something great in putting together this software suite, it’s one of the most effective ones you’ll find and definitely worth your time and money. It was designed in a way that the features/tools perform every function that you’ll need to take your sales to a higher position. 


How much does AMZScout cost? 

AMZScout is priced at between $29.99 to $199, differs according to the plan. 

How can I cancel my AMZScout Subscription?

You can discontinue the subscription directly from your PayPal profile here or contact support: [email protected]

What markets does AMZScout support?

It supports the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, India, and Mexico. The Web App does not support Mexico.

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