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written on 20-1-29 05:16

There are various commercial and analytic tools for assessment, and every serious Amazon FBA seller is likely to come across some of them. 

In this post, our aim is to introduce Vital Launch to you. In light of this, we hope that you're familiar with all the minute and crucial details concerning it. Also, how your FBA business can be expanded because of this tool. 

What is Viral Launch? 

The viral launch is a high-quality software kit containing multipurpose instruments created to aid Amazon sellers to make substantial sales and obtain lofty proceeds. Viral launch components will be discussed in more detail in this post. 

Viral Launch Pricing

Viral Launch Chrome extension offers tools such as Kinetic PPC, Product Discovery, Keyword Research, Market Intelligence, Competitor Intelligence, Listing Analyzer, and Split Testing. Viral Launch prices offer users these instruments through plans that range from a beginner $59/month subscription to a $199/month kinetic subscription. Click here for more detailed information on the various Viral Launch plans. 

Viral Launch Solutions 

Viral Launch contains numerous tools that aid FBA traders have easier and more efficient campaigns, below are Viral Launch’s solutions. 

1. Viral Launch Product Discovery 

This tool is used to look up products through a vast array of filters. Viral Launch Product Discovery sends you in-depth information concerning a product’s history and current market worth. When used properly, this feature is effective in monitoring categories, products, brands, and keywords.

2. Viral Launch Market Intelligence

Viral Launch Market Intelligence shows you past trends in the market, how they affected the niche and where they lead to. This feature is the swiftest way to uncover products that are best performers through the process of researching prospective markets.

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3. Viral Launch Competitor Intelligence

This feature is used to track the activities of other sellers and make your FBA campaign better. When you type in the ASIN of an item in Viral Launch Competitor Intelligence, it shows you the keywords. Another amazing ability of this tool is that it shows you the ranking of keywords, keywords with a high volume, keywords that are not utilized, and the best keywords that your competitors are not using.

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There’s a notification option to signal a change in your competition. This attribute is another reason why this tool is so useful. 

4. Keyword Research

Keyword Research empowers more informed decisions from you after accessing relevancy and opportunity scores. Keywords related to your sales items are screened out by Viral Launch with this mechanism. Every bit of information gotten through this tool is highly precise and obtained straight from Amazon. 

5. Keyword Manager

Keyword Manager is used to obtaining advanced keyword insight and track keywords through a carefully patterned analytics. The keyword manager is designed to ensure that full profits are obtained on Amazon by you. 

6. List Building

List Building is a deck that allows you to easily keep tabs on keywords that are in use or not in use. In addition to this, this tool also grants you entry to use the database of volume of searches and the opportunity scores. List Building, Keyword Manager and Kinetic PPC are the 3 Viral Launch solutions made to assist traders in increasing profit. 

7. Listing Analyzer

Listing Analyzer presents you a top-notch analytical tool that allows you to compare the performance of your product to that of other sellers in your niche. When used properly, this tool can assist you in making proactive plans that can greatly better your sales. 

8. Kinetic PPC

This tool presents you the highest chance to improve profits and optimize time. With Kinetic PPC, you can create auto ad campaigns, and observe how well each campaign is doing with regards to your product. By making use of this tool, you can easily notice the effect of keywords and usefulness on each of your marketing strategies, get suggestions for keywords, and view the success of your ad campaigns.


How do I cancel Viral Launch?  

You can opt out of your plan whenever you want by accessing the home page and clicking the Account menu found on the left of your screen. From the menu you are shown, choose Settings and pick ‘Billing’ from the page. You can now opt out by selecting Cancel. 

Can I use free trial? 

Yes. Viral Launch offers a 14 free trial. 

Is Viral Launch accurate? 

Viral Launch is highly precise in all its functions.

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